Short Fiction | Poetry | Non-Fiction

Pas de Deux, Spontaneity, 2016
Gravel Magazine

In My Brother's House, Gravel Magazine, 2015
Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

The Stockholm Review of Literature

Cosmothology (after Björk), Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal, 2015
The Treacle Well
The Puffin Review

The Fat City Review

A Swarm of Stars, The Stockholm Review of Literature, 2014
Soul Lotus


The Lost Tower, The Treacle Well, 2013
Timezone Magazine

The Honest Ulsterman

Clear Poetry
A Crisis of Faith, The Puffin Review, 2013 – no longer available online

The Stare's Nest

Word Bohemia
An Inward Battle, The Fat City Review, 2013 – no longer available online
HARK Magazine

Ink Sweat and Tears
ArtidestA Certain Quality, Soul Lotus, 2013

Goldlink Online
To Extinguish, Goldfish, 2011 - no longer available online
Open Pen

Mountain Rescue, Timezone Magazine, 2013 – print only, not available online

First Sign on Spring, The Honest Ulsterman, 2017

The Puffin Review

Iain Sinclair dot Org
Four Poems, Clear Poetry, 2015

Two Poems, The Stare's Nest, 2014/15 (image by Dru Marland)

The Golden Ribbon, Word Bohemia, 2014

On Herons' Wings, HARK Magazine, 2014

My Request for a Kiss After Dark Yields No Affair so I Leave a Parting Gift in Heavy Rain, Ink Sweat and Tears, 2014

The poet and the painter. Meet the artist: Dianne Kaufman, Zineidest Issue II, 2017 - listen online

A brief reflection on writing characters of the opposite sex, Zineidest Issue I, 2017 – listen online

Call and Response, Goldlink Online, 2015

Darlings, Rejection,Craftsmanship, Evolution, Open Pen, 2014

Sleeping on the Job, The Puffin Review, 2013 – no longer available online

Fledgling,, 2014

HARK Magazine

A Snippet on the Writing Process, HARK Magazine, 2014 – no longer available online